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Figure 3. Services

Polymorphic Marketing will help select the best campaign elements and create the right marketing mix to help you reach your goals.

No matter how large or small your organisation we can help develop outbound campaigns or inbound marketing.

We strive to give your business a new injection of creativity, offering you a fresh external perspective on things, provide you with new dynamics and help spark new ideas.

We offer bespoke marketing training for science and technology companies who want to learn more about the benefits of a structured and creative marketing approach.

Polymorphic Marketing _ Life Science Marketing _ Strategic Planning.png

Strategic planning

Polymorphic Marketing _ Life Science Marketing _ Media Planning.png

Media planning

Polymorphic Marketing _ Life Science Marketing _ Creative Concepts.png

Creative concepts

Polymorphic Marketing _ Life Science Marketing _ Market Research.png

Market research

Polymorphic Marketing _ Life Science Marketing _ Content Creation.png

Content creation

Polymorphic Marketing _ Life Science Marketing _ Events.png

Events execution

Offering life science market knowledge and technical understanding, we speak the scientific language of your customers with the aim of providing you a powerful and effective marketing funnel ensuring maximum leverage from both new and existing content.

Polymorphic Marketing _ Life Science Marketing _ Marketing Funnel.png

Figure 3a. Marketing funnel

Top of the funnel / Awareness stage

social media posts

video marketing


blog posts



Middle of the funnel / Consideration stage

product focused white papers

customer testimonials

eBook publications

nurturing emails

webinar series

case studies


Bottom of the funnel / Decision stage

e-com promotions

live client webinar

strategic offers​

“Polymorphic Marketing helped me clarify product positioning and develop the basis campaign. They have an expert knowledge of marketing and how to apply it to filling a marketing funnel, driving a sales funnel, and ultimately delivering value to the customer. What is most unique to their skillset is the thorough understanding of the life sciences and scientific applied markets which is often missing from marketing agencies. They understand the various scientific personas and can take your basic concept to a full, well-constructed campaign to maximize exposure to the customer.”

- Senior Product Leader, Life Science Business

Polymorphic Marketing partners with SciLeads, an online platform that allows for keyword searching to identify potential scientific prospects and key opinion leaders.


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