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Finding an affordable marketing agency that understands technical scientific products, applications and your customers can be difficult. It can also be frustrating and time consuming trying to brief a non-technical agency. Polymorphic Marketing is a specialist science focused agency, we speak the scientific language of both our clients and their customers.

Based in central London, Polymorphic Marketing offers a boutique, personal, and flexible marketing service to scientific and technical companies at a cost effective price. We support a range of organisations from smaller start-up enterprises through to large corporate clients, helping deliver new fresh ideas and alleviating pressure from your busy marketing team.

With over 50 years of combined scientific and commercial experience we have a genuine passion for science and technology. From conducting marketing research to collecting voice of customer and customer journey mapping, we can help develop and evolve your strategic marketing plans, generate innovative concepts, and create compelling campaign content.

Our clients:

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Why polymorphic?


Polymorphic means existing in different forms. As marketeers we create content that may exist in many different forms and to work across different platforms. We take a big idea and using content and collateral we spread that idea across a campaign.


There are few businesses that do a great job of atomizing content and fully realising the value of pieces. This is especially true in the science market, companies spend a great deal of time and money producing some really great research and application data, however, that data is often not fully utilised across a totally fleshed out marketing campaign. This is a real shame as it not only has a negative impact on conversion rates, but it can also devalue the efforts and budget for application groups.


We enable clients to develop their marketing funnel and campaigns to ensure maximum leverage from both new and existing content.



Richard has over 25 years of marketing experience within the life sciences market space. He has worked with a range of companies including Pall Corporation, Sarstedt, CrownBio, GE Life Sciences and Harlan Sera-Lab.

He founded Polymorphic Marketing Limited in 2018 with the goal of providing science companies with practical, creative marketing support and consultancy services. Richard takes a structured, strategic and mindful approach to building marketing campaigns for our clients.

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Richard _ Polymorphic Marketing.png


Dan began his career working in academia at the Institute for Animal Health, focusing in the field of molecular biology. He then moved into commercial, gaining over 10 years' experience selling life science equipment, products and reagents. More recently Dan has worked in senior product management roles for a number of scientific companies. He has worked for a range of organisations including Unilever, Greiner Bio-One, LGC, Pall Corporation and IDBS.

Dan helps our clients develop strategic plans and product marketing strategies based on market intelligence, voice of customer research and business analytics.



Before collaborating with Polymorphic Marketing Sally has produced work for large brands such as Shell, British Wheelchair Basketball, London Transport, Greenpeace, Thus plc, NHS and Brighton & Hove City Council.


Sally develops and oversees creative that passes through Polymorphic Marketing, bringing together powerful concepts with skilful execution. She specialises in branding and campaign creatives, acting as brand guardian for our accounts, and ensuring a cohesive vision plays out across all marketing initiatives. 

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Using an external agency will give your business a new injection of creativity, offering you a fresh external perspective on things, provide you with new dynamics and help spark new ideas.


Resourceful agencies have access to pools of talent through contacts, freelancers and wider networks. This will give your business access to an expanded network of contacts. Using a specialist marketing agency, such as Polymorphic Marketing, will not only give you an introduction to new contacts within the life science sector but also valuable vendor relationships and recommendations with supporting businesses.


Working with a boutique agency like ours gives you the ability to scale your marketing accordingly, giving you flexible and creative support. We can help add extra resource to boost elements of your existing strategy or help out your in-house marketing team, and if you don’t have in-house support then we can act as your marketing group.


The agility that an agency can offer you allows you to increase your marketing productivity in a highly cost efficient way.

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