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Social <-> distance marketing

Building on our last few blog posts we've put together a short eBook to assist marketeers considering steps that could be taken to adapt their marketing to the current social distancing situation.

Countries around the world have been implementing measures to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, from national quarantines to business closures.

Predictions for the future seem to change every day, unfortunately Coronavirus will not magically disappear over night and even if it did the ripple effects of what’s happened so far will endure for months. It’s a reality we have to deal with.

However don’t panic, things may be a little different at the moment, but the old rules of marketing still apply. It’s important not to stop communicating with your customers. Cutting your marketing budget may lead to temporary profitability gains, however when the crisis is behind us the challenges of a possible recession will be compounded by reduced brand awareness.

In this eBook we cover the following topics:

Your communication strategy

Your marketing plan

How to execute a marketing content audit

Content atomization

Social distancing and events

Tips for maximising virtual event engagement

Supporting your sales teams

CLICK HERE to read a copy of our eBook


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