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Exhibition Elements

Exhibitions and trade shows remain an important and effective means of reaching your existing customers and finding new ones. However in the age of digital marketing they often get overlooked.

We have produced a short guide of the key elements to think about when attending a trade show and shows you how to create a effective trade show strategy to make your business stand out and ensure a good ROI.

Trade shows are not just about displaying your products or services but about creating a unique customer experience where visitors can truly engage with your company and products.

Before jumping straight in with stand design it is important to consider a number of factors. Basic research and planning are essential to gaining excellent ROI from an event - Have you been to the event before? What worked well and what didn’t work so well? Have you performed some simply VOC, are the right customers planning to attend the event? Have you reviewed your competitors events list on their website?

Once you have fully reviewed costs, targets and goals then start developing a pre-show content strategy, this will drive customers to meet with you, whilst further promoting your brand. Create content that illustrates the value of the event, and the value prospects will gain if they visit your booth.

When designing the both it is important to create a customer experience that represents your brand, speaks to your customers personas and differentiates you from other exhibitors. A creative interactive booth experience can create a real buzz around your stand, driving more traffic and ultimately increase your lead count.

Based on the theme of the event and the customers you know are attending ensure you have the right commercial team at your stand. Have you got the correct collateral, supporting material and products displayed and available at your booth?

Promotional giveaways are part of trade show culture and can entice prospects to your booth. Choose items that have shelf life, you don’t want your premiums just stuffed in a draw or thrown in the bin after an event, you want them to continue to promote your brand.

Don’t let prospects you meet at an exhibition forget about you. Customers might not have buying authority to purchase from you on the spot, and some people might need to consult their colleagues or manager before buying your product.

There are numerous ways to action lead follow up, by using a simple lead scoring system at an event it is possible to then execute a much more effective post show campaign, track lead conversion rate and gain a accurate ROI for the event.

Trade shows are great investments for companies that are prepared to invest wisely in their pre-show, show, and post-show marketing. Download a copy of Exhibition Elements to help plan your next event.


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